Food Code Food Name Price No. of Item
Pork Loin Steak - Cooked to Perfection and Served with a Creamy Dijon Green Peppercorn Sauce or with Peppers & Onions

Description :

Choice of Sauce :   None  0  THB
  Creamy Dijon Green Peppercorn Sauce  0  THB
  Peppers & Onions  0  THB
Addition cost :
Choice of :   Potato salad  0  THB
  French fries  0  THB
  Pan fried potato  0  THB
  Rice and a Medley of Vegetables  0  THB
Addition cost :
Cooked :   Rare  0  THB
  Medium Rare  0  THB
  Medium  0  THB
  Medium Well  0  THB
  Well Done  0  THB
Addition cost :


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