Food Code Food Name Price No. of Item
The Big Cheese Burger - Topped with Your Choice of Three Thick Slices of Melted American Cheese, Cheddar or Swiss Cheese, Fresh Crisp Lettuce, Vine-Ripened Tomato and Red Onion

Description :

Cooked :   Rare  0  THB
  Medium Rare  0  THB
  Medium  0  THB
  Medium Well  0  THB
  Well Done  0  THB
Addition cost :
Choice of Cheese :   American Cheese  0  THB
  Chedar Cheese  0  THB
  Swiss Cheese  0  THB
Addition cost :
Add :   Cheese  75  THB
  Bacon  75  THB
  Caramelized Onion  25  THB
  Guacamole  75  THB
  Sub Onion ring for Seasoned fries   110  THB
Addition cost :


total price each
VAT(7%): 589 THB

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